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Chin Enhancement with FDA Cleared Juvéderm Voluma

Do you want a more rounded chin? Would you like your chin to be more defined or structured? Now there is a non-surgical option that has gained clearance from the FDA. Juvéderm Voluma XC is the hyaluronic acid-based injectable that has done just that. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have used Voluma to contour and add volume patient’s cheeks for many years. It, however, is the only filler of its kind to be bestowed FDA approval for use on the chin.  

Benefits of Voluma for Your Chin

Voluma is perfect for the chin due to its gel properties and product profile.  

Here are some noteworthy benefits for opting for Voluma: 

  • Voluma is a non-surgical option so there is less downtime for the patient. 
  • Results can be seen almost immediately 
  • Greater precision of the filler as opposed to a larger implant 
  • Less chance of infection than an implant 
  • Less expensive than undergoing surgery 
  • The speed of a procedure is far greater than that of surgery 

Juvéderm Voluma for chin enhancement is intended for enhancements to the chin for a healthy person. It is also indicated for help in shaping or contouring the jowls. Individual results may vary.  

Call to schedule a consultation with the medical professionals at The Med Spa and Wellness Center at Eye Specialty Group to be on your way to a more defined and contoured chin today.   

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